Academic Seminar of Alpha College of Engineering Students


The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering offers the undergraduate degree providing students with the knowledge and tools required to succeed in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering. Since its establishment in the year 2006, the department has been focused on creating a high-standard academic environment that provides students with a solid, technical foundation that equips them to compete in the global markets. Several subjects covering fundamentals and advanced topics in the fields of Electronics and Communication. The expert faculty who brings practical experience into the classrooms ensuring that the students are moulded into successful professional engineers.



The department’s laboratories are well equipped with the latest equipment and advanced software to facilitate students in their pursuit to acquire practical knowledge of Electronics and Tele-Communication.
• VLSI & Communication Laboratory
• DSP& Networks Laboratory
• Microprocessor & Microcontrollers Lab
• Digital & Linear Integrated Circuits Lab
• Microwave and Optical Laboratory
• Embedded System Laboratory
• Electrical Machines Lab
• Electron Devices & Circuits Laboratory

The major equipments in the labs are Analog and Digital Trainer Kits, CRO, Function Generator, D.C Power Supply, Dual and Triple Power Supply, Ammeters, Voltmeter, DRB, DCB, DIB, Digital Multi - Meter, ORCAD CAPTURE with Pspice. IC Tester, Interfacing Kits, MASM – Software, Processor and Controllers Kits, MAT LAB, Universal VLSI Base Board, Fiber Link - E Fiber Optic Trainer Kit based on Laser Diode and Glass Fiber, Fiber Link-E Fiber Optic Trainer Kit, 2 Channel Digital Real Time Storage Oscilloscope 60MHZ, Microwind 3.1 Lab View Software, Network Lab Education Software and Hardware, User: 01, Microwave Equipment(5 Test Bench & Accessories Klystron & Gunn).

Theory and practical session for Alpha college engineering students
Training for alpha college of engineering students to do experiments


Along with the excellent infrastructural facilities the department has associations with professional bodies like IEEE and ISTE.


The department is part of CISCO Networking Academy through which the students become network experts and get CCNA certification. The department is a member of ICTACT Academy through which the students’ can develop communication skills. The department promotes continuous learning and research in core and emerging areas with help of IIT alumni club ‘PALS’.


Every academic year, nearly 100% of final year students get placed as System Engineers, Technical Support Executives, Techno Commercial Trainees, Consultants, and Executive Trainers in various companies such as:
• Infosys
• SMART Training
• Arobot
• Semantec
• Rich Magnate Developers
• Askme Digital Media Company

Alpha Students at the college classroom


ECE provides a wide scope for aspiring engineers to pursue postgraduate studies, Master of Philosophy and Doctorate of Philosophy. It includes specialisations in nanotechnology, robotics, high-speed automated processors in embedded systems and image processors.


There are many job categories for which a person with training in electronic technology may qualify. A few are listed below:

• Scientists and Engineers
• Industrial Manufacturing Engineers
• Technical Sales and Marketing
• Technical Writers
• Customer Support Officers
• Laboratory Technicians
• Field Service Technicians
• Service-shop Technicians
• Engineering Assistants