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    The right ambience sets the right spirit to thrive on. This is vital when it comes to the classroom where a student would spend most of his or her time. The well ventilated and spacious classrooms with child-friendly ergonomic furniture are a proof to show that Alpha is a Child-friendly school. Every classroom also has bookshelves and cupboards which provides students space to keep their books thus making them carry lighter school bags.

    Alpha CBSE Porur - Study Assistance
    Alpha CBSE Porur - students drawing

    Alpha’s activity room with plenty of space, stacked with classic play materials like blocks, sand and water tables and props for dramatic play not only motivate children to discover, explore, practice social skills but also enables them to enjoy learning. The various fun packed activities that we lay before our kids, help them to explore the three C’s, - “Creativity, Character and Confidence” which we believe, is necessary for kids to unleash their imagination and discover themselves. As their motivation comes from within, they learn the powerful lesson of pursuing their own ideas to a successful conclusion.

    students creativity - Alpha CBSE Porur
    students creativity Alpha CBSE Porur

    Alpha CBSE Porur - students drawing

    Alpha CBSE Porur - students drawing

    At Alpha, strategies used in the Maths and Science lab range from simply telling students how a concept could be applied to challenging the students to apply classroom learning to authentic, multidisciplinary and open-ended projects that fulfil genuine needs.


    The Math Lab helps students overcome the fear towards the subject and fall in love with the same. This is enabled by learning the subject in a fun way through a number of kits in the lab, starting from the number bowl kit for the juniors, a wide range of kits are available for concepts up to the senior level which help the students understand even the most complex topics in an easy way.

    open-ended projects - Alpha CBSE Porur
    Alpha CBSE Porur Chennai sustained learning


    The well-equipped Science Lab at Alpha is a place that kindles the scientific spirit in each Alphian. The Lab serves as a place where the students enhance their learning by doing various experiments, observations and drawing conclusions in relation to the experiment.


    The Composite Stem Lab is a boon for the students at Alpha which facilitates multi-disciplinary learning encouraging students to design and develop their knowledge and skills through experiential learning. The subjects Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths are explored through various resources at the STEM lab, which stimulates creative thinking and problem-solving skills in the learner.

    Students in computer lab Alpha CBSE Porur

    It’s a world of computers that we live in and nothing moves forward without it. Our fully equipped computer labs are a boon for the students of our school to build their ICT skills. The ICT Lab also is a great place where the senior students work on various projects and also take up a number of online competitive exams.

    Students in computer lab Alpha CBSE Porur
    Students in computer lab Alpha CBSE Porur

    The school library plays a great role in the life of the students. It is the store house of knowledge. In our library, students can find books on various subjects such as history, geography, environment, political science, literature, fiction, etc. Our school library exhibits positive impact on the academic achievement of the student.

    Alpha CBSE Porur School Students

    Alpha CBSE Porur School Students2
    Alpha CBSE Porur School Students Learning


    Children at Alpha are offered an ingenious, well-balanced, indoor play space that is colourful with well-designed play equipment, offering them ample space to run, climb, jump and tumble over!

    The Alpha play area is filled with toys and fun activities that are designed to promote hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, fine motor skills and social development among young children.


    Outdoor play is associated with greater amounts of physical activity in children. Children who are accustomed to regular outdoor games tend to be fitter, develop stronger immune system, play more creatively, have active imagination and report lower stress levels.

    The Alpha outdoor play area is spaciously designed to cultivate the physical activity of children. The sports facilities available at Alpha, include throwball, volleyball, badminton courts and football ground. In addition, the outdoor play area includes a trampoline under the shade of a huge tree and a sand pit, which are highly popular with the kids.

    Alpha CBSE Porur School Students2
    Alpha CBSE Porur School Students Learning

    Alpha CBSE Porur School Students2

    The acoustical design of Alpha’s auditorium is special because it meets the specific demands of the performing arts, distinguishing itself from a common lecture hall. The auditorium is used for all types of formal assembly: lectures, award ceremonies, dramatic plays, musical theatre productions, concert performances and dance competitions. It is a place where numerous children display their talents through varied events.