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    At Alpha, classrooms are equipped to integrate technology into our curriculum delivery. Air-conditioned class rooms, vibrant colours and ergonomic student friendly furniture, smart Tata Class Edge boards and A V integration capability, all combine to create a highly conducive atmosphere for enhanced learning. From the large repository of generic AVcontent, which is being constantly updated, facilitators can choose the best material to supplement their classroom sessions to reinforce the concepts. This aids in improving the overall academic performance in school.

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    Alpha’s activity room with plenty of space, stacked with classic play materials like blocks, sand and water tables and props for dramatic play not only motivate children to discover, explore, practice social skills but also enables them to enjoy learning. The various fun packed activities that we lay before our kids, help them to explore the three C’s, - “Creativity, Character and Confidence” which we believe, is necessary for kids to unleash their imagination and discover themselves. As their motivation comes from within, they learn the powerful lesson of pursuing their own ideas to a successful conclusion.

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    students creativity Alpha CBSE Porur
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    At Alpha, strategies used in the Maths and Science lab range from simply telling students how a concept could be applied to challenging the students to apply classroom learning to authentic, multidisciplinary and open-ended projects that fulfil genuine needs.


    Is an opportunity to initiate children to enjoy mathematics, pose and solve meaningful problems and to understand the basic structure of mathematics. It enables the student to learn mathematics with the help of concrete objects and to exhibit the relatedness of mathematics with everyday life.

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    Middle and High school learners enjoy the project based learning activities that engages them in experimental journeys, and takes them on a discovery path as they spend a minimum of 3-5 hours in the science labs every week. The clear cut objectives of their experiments, the knowledge of the apparatus, the procedures, verifications, observations, inferences and conclusions provide sustained learning and concept building.


    At Alpha our mission is ‘to develop self-learners with active and creative minds.’ Our teachers incorporate hands-on, problem-based delivery techniques to introduce students to existing technologies and enhance their performing skills pertinent to today’s industrial need. Creating practical application of academic material through hands on activities such as Robotics makes learning exciting and interesting for students. The composite STEM lab is an exclusive concept of Alpha which facilitates multi disciplinary learning, encouraging students to design and develop their knowledge and skills through experiential learning.

    As a premier institution that provides a continuum of learning experiences and qualifications from Pre School to Post graduation, and with a vision of nurturing leaders of the future, we have embraced STEM learning for students from as early as the kindergarten ages .We have successfully integrated and implemented STEM learning with a higher gradient in our learning curve which our students are now able to represent in competitions.

    We believe that this will go a long way in creating a Z generation workforce that will be trained in problem solving and developing quick and cost-effective solutions on the go.

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    Information and communication technology (ICT) literacy is one of the key skills of a 21st century learner. Its interface in language, science, humanities and math learning is much rewarding as students come face to face with global updates in all domains through simulations and visual impacts. At Alpha, all learners have access to individual systems facilitated through technical faculty.

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    A school is defined by the library it keeps. At Alpha, no effort is spared in keeping the library well stocked with subject related books, reference books, educational journals, periodicals and newspapers catering to the requirements of all grades. Extra-curricular reading is strongly recommended and facilitated to with reading material prescribed by subject specialists. The peaceful and comfortable ambience of our library is inviting to both, the voracious reader and as well as a potential reader. They are also taught information literacy skills which equip them to navigate their way around the library and develop research skills. Our constant effort to encourage our students to develop reading, through the reading programme, continues to help them form this habit.

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    Children at Alpha are offered an ingenious, well-balanced, indoor play space that is colourful with well-designed play equipment, offering them ample space to run, climb, jump and tumble over!

    The Alpha play area is filled with toys and fun activities that are designed to promote hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, fine motor skills and social development among young children.

    Indoor play area


    Outdoor play is associated with greater amounts of physical activity in children. Children who are accustomed to regular outdoor games tend to be fitter, develop stronger immune system, play more creatively, have active imagination and report lower stress levels.

    The Alpha outdoor play area is spaciously designed to cultivate the physical activity of children. The sports facilities available at Alpha, include throwball, volleyball, badminton courts and football ground. In addition, the outdoor play area includes a trampoline under the shade of a huge tree and a sand pit, which are highly popular with the kids.


    The acoustical design of Alpha’s auditorium is special because it meets the specific demands of the performing arts, distinguishing itself from a common lecture hall. The auditorium is used for all types of formal assembly: lectures, award ceremonies, dramatic plays, musical theatre productions, concert performances and dance competitions. It is a place where numerous children display their talents through varied events.

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