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    A curriculum is considered the “heart” of any learning institution. We at Alpha, promote a curriculum structured to meet the volatile needs, aptitudes and learning styles of the students so that every child learns and grows to their supreme potential. Affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, the school offers the nationally acclaimed CBSE curriculum and assessment pattern. Learners of each level are offered a well-structured framework and researched syllabus incorporating International trends which help to prepare students to face the National Entrance Examinations and enables them to be globally competent, self-confident and empathetic individuals.


    At Alpha, knowledge is fostered in children by perceiving assessment as an integral part of the overall framework of the learning process. Assessment is incorporated into classroom practice as Formative Assessment & Summative Assessment. These assessments are used by teachers to monitor students’ progress in a supportive environment, involving regular, descriptive feedback which gives a chance for students to reflect on their performance.

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    Alpha Students drawing
    • Play School
    • Kindergarten
    • Primary and Middle School
    Play School

    Alpha Play school is a wonderful world of fun and learning. Activities are planned and created to help the help the children in developing learning abilities. Play centric activities foster the major domains of development such as social, emotional, Language, cognitive, sensory, fine and gross motor development. At Alpha we provide an enlightening and safe environment where children enjoy playing and learning.


    We follow the IEYC (International Early Years curriculum) integrated with the X Seed curriculum in the Kindergarten, which supports the key areas of learning through holistic enquiry and play-based approaches that cover all curriculum areas including personal, social and emotional development. The IEYC (International Early Years Curriculum) is a research-based UK based curriculum that links early years to formal education. It offers a robust framework for effective learning, while harnessing a child’s curiosity in an enabled environment. The focus is on the wholesome development of the child at his/her own pace.

    This theme-based curriculum has been designed to ensure learning and also to help teachers make learning exciting, active and meaningful for children. Learning in KG takes a global approach; and in turn helps children in connecting their learning to real-life situations.

    Through the integrated and thematic approach children not only develop their fine motor skills and self-confidence but also enjoy a healthy, enjoyable and stress-free childhood.

    Drawing class

    students group activity
    drawing class
    Primary and Middle School

    The contours of knowledge know no bounds. Alpha recognizes this feature and gives each student rigorous exposure to group activities, seminars, visual learning and project works. The primary focus in the primary and middle school is on English, Language, Mathematical Skills and Scientific concepts.

    At Alpha we follow the X-Seed program, a proven, research-based child centric academic program. In the classroom, XSEED replaces a knowledge-transmission or "teaching as telling" approach with an inquiry-based, constructivist approach that uses hands-on activities, followed by reflection and feedback. It also emphasizes rigour through practice and assessment. The program helps to develop thinking skills and problem-solving confidence in children.

    Well-equipped labs are used extensively to aid in the teaching of core subjects. The teaching process at Alpha school helps to garner and harness the varying potential within each student. The aim is to promote and intensify performance and encourage students to be forerunners in all fields.


    The NCERT curriculum is followed from grades IX to XII through which students are not only able to shift from the rote method of learning but also connect knowledge acquired to their life outside school.

    Alpha empowers students in the high school to achieve results par excellence in all the subjects. To satisfy the curiosity, inquisitiveness and aiming at excellence, Alpha not only provides an atmosphere to pursue individual interests and focus on their eventual career choices but also paves a pathway to prepare students for life – helping them to become confident, responsible, reflective, innovative, engaged and ready to tackle the demands of tomorrow’s world, capable of shaping a better world for the future.

    Second Language offered: Tamil/ Hindi/ French

    Third Language offered : Tamil/ Hindi/ French

    Groups offered in Class XI

    • Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
    • Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science
    • Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics, Mathematics
    • Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics, Computer Science

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    Physical Education

    Through extra-curricular classes, children gain the tools necessary to understand human experience, adapt to and respect others' ways of working and thinking, develop creative problem-solving skills, and communicate thoughts and ideas in a variety of ways. The various fun packed activities that are offered to kids help them explore the three Cs, - ‘Creativity, Character and Confidence’, which are believed to be a necessity for kids to unleash their imagination and discover themselves.

    • Scouts & Guides

    As an institution where the medium of education is English, the Alpha School gives primary importance to the learning and acquiring of the English language skills. This is acquired through the following special programmes that are part of the curriculum

    Cambridge English Assessments

    As a preparatory centre, Alpha trains students for both the Cambridge Young Learners Exams [YLE] like the Starters, Movers & Flyers in III - V and the Cambridge Lower Main Suite Exams Like the Key English Test [KET] & the Preliminary English Test [PET] in Grades VI - XI.

    This Cambridge English Assessments Pathway prepares students for life – helping them to develop an informed curiosity and lasting passion for learning as well as acquiring English language skills.

    Excelling in this training enables learners to acquire language proficiency of C1 Grade in English, which is equivalent to an IELTS band 9, as per the CEFR-Common European Framework Reference, which is the entry requirement for immigration to foreign universities for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Students with a C1 qualification hold a good chance of having excellent career prospects.

    Jolly phonics

    To enhance the reading skills of the students, Alpha has integrated the Jolly phonics program with the curriculum for the primary students. Jolly phonics is the expansive phonetics program inculcated from class kindergarten through Primary. It focuses on synthetically introducing letters through multi-sensory methods which include stories, songs and actions. Deciphering words, by saying the letter sounds, blending them together makes reading less cumbersome for early readers. Jolly phonics provides an accommodating platform for initiating and encouraging the reading habit in our young minds. With proven results and positive feedback, jolly phonics is now a prominent addition to our learning model.

    Stone to Milestones

    To make learning to read a conscious design of curriculum, Alpha has introduced a joyful, interactive and structured reading instruction program called “Stones to milestones” for classes I to III. It is a personalized, engaging, age appropriate program which caters to the specific learning outcomes. The focus is on enabling the skill to make reading easy and also on developing the will to make reading enjoyable. As the window for this intervention is from age 3 to age 9, we integrate this program with the early school curriculum and also equip the parents to support this growth in their children.



    The LEGO kits not only help in enhancing English language skills at the primary level through letter/word building, recognition; but also aid in stimulating STEM education by fostering engineering, collaboration and problem-solving skills. The kits are also helpful in teaching basic mathematic skills. The kits are also used as story starters, for story characters and story setting. The students could form a story board for a story using the LEGO kits.


    Alpha provides every student from class VI to VIII a copy of a revolutionary new classroom Science magazine “Engage Learning”.

    Engage learning integrates articles written by an international team of experienced writers, curriculum advisors and leading experts in the field of publishing with the core subjects like English, Science and Social.

    The magazine teaches STEM, Environmental and social studies, while improving English Vocabulary and comprehension. Children are introduced to what scientists are doing in real science today. The well-researched stories, award winning photographs and engrossing activities captures the imagination of the learners and allows them to think creatively in the scientific point of view.


    With the aim of promoting English, Science, Mathematics & Computer Education, ALPHA has been encouraging children to take up the

    • International Assessment for Indian School (IAIS)-by Macmillan in Partnership with University of New South Wales, Australia.
    • Cambridge English Language assessment – YLE exams.
    • NASO Olympiad Exams.
    • SOF Olympiad – IEO, IMO, NSO.
    • Spell Bee International.


    Physical Health Education offers a complete sport and fitness programme for children from early childhood to Class XII. The curriculum offers students opportunities to learn, practice and master a wide range of diverse skills and activities appropriate for children in the school environment.

    Inclusion of games in our curriculum of studies is very important for the physical & mental wellbeing of our students. "What can be learned on the ground cannot be learned in the classroom". At Alpha, we lay a strong emphasis on sports and physical development. Our sports curriculum is planned and designed for students to develop and enhance skills like strength, speed, endurance, agility, flexibility, control, balance etc. We believe in mass participation, exposing our students to a number of sports events at inter-school, state, national and international level.


    Art is an important subject, not only on its own but in the rest of education as well. Art and craft classes benefit students in their intellectual, personal and social development. Research studies point to strong relationships between learning in the arts and fundamental cognitive skills and capacities used to master other core subjects, including reading, writing, and mathematics. The importance of art education is for us to evaluate ourselves on how we connect with our surroundings. Art plays an important role in almost all aspects of education, from creativity to interpretation to discussion to understanding design. Our faculties are well equipped to unleash each child's inherent talent. Guiding them through various techniques and helping children achieve their aspirations. Our children make beautiful craft creations from waste and recyclable materials. In our Art & Craft classes our students are taught a variety of life skills like – creativity, confidence, visual learning, decision making, perseverance, collaboration and accountability.

    Art class

    drawing class
    student creative


    Our music classes serve as a platform for creating budding musicians of all genres and skill levels. It enables them to learn vocals, rhythm and pitch in singing and to use instruments like keyboard, drums and guitar. It also helps to showcase their talent at various events in inter school and intra school competitions there by making it not only an enjoyable subject, but a subject that enriches students’ lives and education, for it promotes craftsmanship, and creates in students a desire and a longing to create good work instead of mediocre work.

    Dance class
    performing arts


    Dance education aids the development of kinesthetic intelligence, creating opportunities for self-expression and communication. We at Alpha School believe that dancing in all its forms must be included in the curriculum of all noble education. Dancing with the feet, with ideas, with words and with expressions sets our education at a pace apart. Our dance studios of Pre-Primary, Primary and Senior wings are fully equipped for Indian and Western dances. They are spacious enough to allow our staff and students to choreograph works for stage performances and competitions.


    Value education is an integral part of our school and we at Alpha ensure that it is reinforced in our children. Strong foundations on Christian Principles, Indian ethics and humane values are instilled in our daily assembly and value education classes. Social awareness and care for the environment and society is also integrated and students participate in rallies supporting environment cleanliness, water conservation, literacy programmes, health care and charity drives.



    “To find yourself, lose yourself in the service of others” - Mahatma Gandhi

    We at Alpha would like to teach our children that lives will be richer when we share, and great inner joy comes from helping others to better their lives. Alpha has initiated the “JOY OF GIVING “program this year to help orphaned children of “PRATHYASHA”, the home of hope situated near Avadi. As a part of this program students take care of the nutritional needs of children throughout the year by contributing food items once a month. Students of each class contribute the food items as per the list of items and the requirement given by the organization.

    Parents contribute generously for this good cause and encourage children to be cheerful givers.

    Students also visit orphanages, Homes for the destitute and the aged on special occasions and distribute goodies and entertain them through music and dance.

    Yearly charity drives are also organized at Alpha and students have generously contributed to the needs of the under privileged and the downtrodden children and adults.


    Alpha strongly believes that learning happens best not just within the four walls of a classroom but surely extends far beyond it too. Keeping this in mind students are taken for field trips on a regular basis to enhance their learning experience by having a personal encounter with the topics that they learn in class. The students of Alpha are taken to places that are worth a visit which enables them to gain more knowledge and understanding about what they learn in school. They have explored a number of unique places. The Alphians are sure to have a bird’s eye view of the most interesting and informative places in and around the city through their journey at Alpha. Students from PRE KG to Class XII are taken for a field trip twice a year.


    Celebrations in Alpha have become an integral part of joyful learning, community building and thought-provoking processes. National and International days, Religious festivals from across religions, national festivals and festivals related to our environment are celebrated with great enthusiasm, fervour and pride. Children are exposed to the essence and importance of these festivals and days through stories, music, dance, food, discussions and a variety of hands-on activities and projects.


    Every month, class competitions and inter-house competitions are conducted which provide a myriad of opportunities, a platform to demonstrate talent and a stepping-stone for students to achieving greater things in life. The stage is further extended with the participation of the students in inter-school competitions held in various reputed schools across the city.

    Inter-school Competitions help develop essential life skills. Through Interschool competitions, our students not only make more friends with students from other schools, share their learning experience and also enhance their communication and interpersonal skills. At Alpha we not only send our students for competitions conducted in various schools and colleges around the city but also host competitions so that students from other schools could benefit.



    It helps in creating awareness and in preserving and promoting our varied and rich ancient culture and traditions, among the young learners. It conducts various activities including educational excursions, which enable the students to appreciate the traditions, culture and religious diversity of our country. From heritage walk and tours to documentation work, students enjoy the activities.


    Alpha believes in creating an ever-green environment for the learners. In order to make the learners realize the importance of a healthy environment, we engage the learners to perform various activities in the ‘Eco-club’ The learners are made to make posters and PPT’s on topics such as ‘Healthy Environment’, Make the ‘Best out of Waste’ and campaign around the school campus on the necessity of keeping the environment clean. Field trips to Eco-Parks are also arranged which enable the learners to enjoy nature’s beauty and initiate in them the passion for growing plants in and around their locality which would make our environment clean and green.


    Drama and performing arts, not only engage with the creative side of the brain, but also provides an ideal balance in students’ patterns of study. It is an avenue to develop cognitive abilities that complement the study of other disciplines. We at Alpha have introduced the Theatre Programme as a part of our curriculum for students of classes VI to XII.

    The objective of this Programme is to open up new dimensions of emotional experiences, increase self-confidence and ability to think, creatively, imaginatively and divergently so that our young actors, orators and writers are able to think outside the box thereby developing higher order thinking skills.


    The vedic math club helps students of class I to X to work out problems very fast. It improves the academic performance, sharpens their minds, increases the mental agility and intelligence. It also increases visualization and concentration in children. It Eradicates the fear of Math completely, and boosts self-confidence. It also helps in developing the left and right sides of the brain.


    Cubs & Bulbuls is the first lap for students of classes IV– V in the journey towards scouting and guiding. Character building is its aim. Instilling self – discipline and thoughtfulness for others, at a tender age, is the major focus, of the activities designed for this group. It prepares the boys and girls to take up bigger tasks in scouting and guiding and also helps in their mental and physical growth. Children learn to be independent and to live life in a disciplined manner.


    Scouting and Guiding hones the fundamental skills on learning to be independent, builds courage and determination to make them brave leaders of tomorrow. Alpha school provides Scouting and Guiding to build a strong character and to make students aware of his/her potentiality through different activities such as camping, trekking, skits etc. It teaches the students to use their skills and potentials for the service of community. Alpha has registered students of classes VI to VIII for the scouts and guides.


    The Road Safety Patrol is a service to mankind that ensures an accident free life. Road safety knowledge is useful in our day today life as it relates to the safety on roads as every one of us use the road in our daily life in some form or other. Road Safety Patrol Chennai Unit was initiated by the Madras Traffic Wardens Organization, Tamil Nadu in 1982. The idea of school students helping the police to regulate traffic was mooted by the fact that it was not possible to depute a police officer for each and every school. The RSP cadets are the medium through which the road safety education is disseminated to the society. They learn the road safety rules and practice them for their safety and also for the fellow beings. A trained RSP cadet knows the dangers of the road and by his conduct prevents accidents as he has a commitment to the society as the motto of RSP is “We Live to Serve”. Students of classes VI to IX are registered for the Road safety Patrol and the cadets are given in road safety rules, road signals and the first aid techniques regularly.


    All teachers at the Alpha School are well qualified, core professionals and children friendly. We believe that children think and learn differently and that intelligence is expressed in a multitude of ways, hence our curriculum has a multifaceted approach to incorporate all intellectual domains. Teachers create an invigorating ambience that kindle the curiosity of every child. Teacher’s professional development is undertaken continually throughout the academic session. The faculty is also trained in interpersonal relationships, Emotional Quotient, Class Management, Multiple intelligence, Stress Management and Team work which go a long way in enhancing the students’ 21st century skills like Leadership, Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Global Citizenship and Problem-solving.