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    Spacious classrooms with colourful displays and work walls and word walls combine to create a highly conducive atmosphere for enhanced learning. The classrooms are technology ready to aid curriculum delivery using audio-visual media. Based on the requirement of the curriculum, every classroom can be converted into an AV room to promote student-centric learning.

    Alpha Matriculation Higher Secondary School chennai Classroom, campus

    personality development
    Alpha Matriculation Higher Secondary School chennai Classroom, campus - personality development

    Alpha’s well-stocked library has books covering all subjects for study, reference books and non-academic books prescribed by experts to satisfy the needs of voracious readers and to develop interest in reading among students. Each classroom also maintains a class library, which allows students to pick any book during their free time to read.

    Alpha matriculation chennai Books in library

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    Alpha matriculation chennai - new books added
    Audio Visual

    AV Room facility is provided for students where they are made to view curriculum related content, which supplements classroom teaching. This enhances their understanding and retention of concepts taught in the class.

    Alpha matriculation chennai - Personality mentor

    Alpha matriculation chennai - Brainstorming activity in class
    Alpha matriculation chennai - Digital classrooms


    A well-equipped and technologically updated computer laboratory is made available to help sharpen the skills of students in information technology. Students from StdVI to XII are encouraged to use the laboratory. The knowledge and skills imparted by expert teachers helps the students in all their future academic and professional endeavours.

    Alpha matriculation chennai - Giving hands on experience to students
    Alpha chennai matriculation - learning of science


    Nurtured curiosity generates interest and elicits academic involvement in the youngsters, by giving hands on experience to students for better understanding and reinforcement of the theoretical concepts taught in the classroom.

    At Alpha, the Junior Science Lab and Math Lab are initiatives that integrate the learning of science, mathematics and technology, experientially, for students from Grade III to VII.

    Alpha chennai matriculation - Campus


    Senior Science Laboratories cater to the need for experimentation to prove theoretical concepts taught in the classroom under the guidance of qualified teachers and laboratory assistants.


    Alpha’s educational focus is not just on world-class curriculum & academic excellence for students but also on life skills that enable students to be effective individuals on a global platform. A state–of–the art Language Lab with 30 computers and headphones is available for students’ communication training, along with professional guidance and technical interventions. The Karadi Path English Language Program ensures that students develop good spoken & written communication skills. This facility is extended to students from Grade III to Grade V.


    Alpha has a sprawling ground apt for cricket, football, athletics and many other games. Children also enjoy the freedom of dashing around the playground during short breaks and lunch breaks giving themselves a kinaesthetic stimulus variation. Alphian’s pet corner is an added delight, where you will find parrots, parakeets, pigeons, lovebirds in vibrant hues chirping, cooing and squealing in delight as the kids take time to say hello to them.

    Alpha chennai matriculation - School pets
    Chennai Alpha matriculation - Pet corner