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    Each academic year shall be divided into two semesters. The odd semester shall consist of the period from June to November of each year and the even semesters from December to April of each year. There shall be not less than 90 working days for each semester.

    The main subject of Study for Bachelor Degree Courses shall consist of the following:

    PART - I (Tamil/Hindi/French)
    PART - II (English)

    • Students pursuing B.Com/ BBA/ B.Com. ISM/ ECS/ BCA will have Language and English in the first and second semesters.
    • Students pursuing B.Sc. Computer Science/ Biotechnology/ Visual Communication will have Language and English in the first four semesters.

    PART - III Core Subjects, Allied Subjects, Project/ Electives with Three Courses
    PART- IV

    1. (a) Students who have not studied Tamil up to XII Standard and taken a Non Tamil Language under Part-I shall take Basic Tamil comprising two courses (level will be at 6th Standard).
      (b) Students who have studied Tamil up to XII Std. and taken a Non Tamil Language under Part-I shall take Advanced Tamil comprising two courses.
      (c) Students who do not come under (a) or (b) can choose non-major elective comprising two courses.
    2. Skill based subjects (elective) - (Soft Skills).
    3. Environmental Studies.
    4. Value Education.

    Part-V Extension Activities
    A Candidate shall be awarded a maximum of 2 credit cards for compulsory Extension Service. All the Students have to enroll for NSS / NCC / Sports and Games/ Rotract/ Youth Red Cross or any other Service Organization in the college and should have a minimum attendance of 120 hours which shall be duly certified by the Principal of the college every year. If a student lacks 120 hours of attendance in the First year he/she shall have to compensate the same during the subsequent years. Literacy and Population Education Field Work shall be compulsory components in the above extension service activities.


    During the course of study, the evaluation of a candidate will be based on both Continuous Assessment (Internal Assessment) and the End Semester Examination weighing 25% and 75% respectively.

    Course Internal
    End Semester
    Under Graduate 25 75
    Post Graduate 25 75
    Practice (UG & PG) 40 60
    Project / Viva Voce 20 80
  • B.Sc.Open

    Alpha arts chennai Students using the computer in laboratory

    Recognizing the growing demand for courses in Computer Studies and increasing job opportunities, an U.G. programme in Computer Science was started in the year 1997. It offers a 3 yearprogramme for students interested in pursuing a Post Graduate programme, or taking up jobs as trainee programmers. The department has qualified faculty who teach specialized areas like Web Technology, Database Management Systems, Java, Data Mining and Networks. The department is well equipped with a state-of-the art Computer Lab that helps enhance the teaching-learning process and a reference library for use by staff and students. The Faculty of the department also attend frequent training programmes which help them to handle constantly changing technological trends.

    Shift- I & Shift- II

    Semester Major Paper Allied Paper Main Practical Allied Practical Electives
    Semester I Programming in C Mathemetics-I Programming in C - -
    Semester II Digital Electronics & Microprocessors Mathemetics-II Digital Electronics & Microprocessors - -
    Semester III Programming in C++ & Data Structures Statistical Methods and their Applications-I Data Structures Using C++ - -
    Semester IV Programming in Java Statistical Methods and their Applications-II Java Programming Lab Statistical Methods and their Applications-I -
    Semester V Operating Systems, Database Management Systems, Computer Architecture and Organization - RDBMS Lab - Visual Programming RDBMS & Oracle Unix Programming
    Semester VI Data Communication & Networking, Web Technology Software Engineering - Web Applications lab - Data Mining Software testing-Object oriented Analysis & Design Client/server computing

    Alpha Arts Chennai Students using the visual communication laboratory

    The Department started in the year 2005 offers a 3-year under graduate programme in Visual Communication with well qualified and experienced staff in their respective fields. Students of the department make maximum use of learning resources available. A well-furnished audio-visual laboratory and other facilities, equipment like a range of cameras, editing studio and dark room are set up. Seminars, Industrial Visits and Guest Lectures are organized on a regular basis to enhance the teaching-learning experience. The Department brings out a Department Journal Chuvadu, and Newsletter Media wings every year. It also organizes an annual exhibition in prominent venues like the Lalit Kala Academy to expose the creative talents of its students.

    Shift- I

    Semester Major Paper Allied Paper Main Practical Allied Practical Electives
    Semester I Introduction to Visual Communication - Drawing-I, Graphics designing-I - -
    Semester II Communication skills Drawing-II, Graphics designing-II - - -
    Semester III Advertising, Printing and publication - - Computer Graphics -
    Semester IV Elements of Film Basic Photography - - Photography -
    Semester V Media Culture & Society Television Production - - Web Publishing Advertising Photography Projects (Phase1) -
    Semester VI Media Organization - Television Production 3D animation Project (Phase II) (Phase III) - -

    Alpha arts Chennai students using Electronics and Communication using the lab

    The programme trains students in the fundamentals of electronic circuits (analog and digital) and offers specialization in communication systems like Radio & TV, fibre optics & networking and microcontrollers. One of the highlights of the programme is project development and industrial training.

    Shift- I

    Semester Major Paper Allied Paper Main Practical Allied Practical Electives
    Semester I Basic Circuit Theory Mathemetics-I Main Practical-I - -
    Semester II Basic Electronics Mathemetics-II Main Practical-II - -
    Semester III Electricity, Magnetism and Electromagnetism
    Numerical Methods
    Amplifiers and Oscillators
    Basic Physics-I Main Practical-III - -
    Semester IV Principal of Communication
    Programming in C and OOPS Concepts
    Digital Electronics
    Basic Physics-II Main Practical-II
    Basic Physics
    Photography -
    Semester V Microprocessors (Intel 8085)
    Antenna and Television Engineering,
    Electrical and Electronics Instrumentation
    - Main Practical-V - Microwave and Fiber Optic,
    Communication System
    Semester VI Microcontroller - Main Practical-III
    Main Practical-IV
    - Industrial Electronics

    Testtube with specimens in Alpha arts chennai Laboratory

    The Department offers a three-year Under Graduate and two-year Post Graduate Programme in Biotechnology. The programme is designed to provide an in-depth study of biology with emphasis on applications. It caters to the demands of the industry and research hubs that need trained biotechnologists. The Department has a team of well-qualified staff who teach specialized subjects like Genetics, Molecular Biology, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Tissue Engineering and Nanotechnology. Besides teaching, faculty also pursue research, publish papers and participate in conferences and faculty development programmes. The Department has both U.G. and P.G. laboratories and facilities to carry out research activities.

    Shift- I

    Semester Major Paper Allied Paper Main Practical Allied Practical Electives
    Semester I Cell Biology Microbiology Cell Biology Microbiology -
    Semester II Communication skills Molecular Developemet
    Chemistry Molecular Developemet
    Semester III Genetics Biochemistry Genetics Biochemistry -
    Semester IV Plan Bio-Technology Biophysics and
    Plan Bio-Technology - -
    Semester V Animal Bio-Technology
    - Immunology &
    Animal Bio-Technology
    - Pharmaceutical Bio-Technology
    Semester VI Genetics Engineering,
    Bioprocess Technology
    - Genetics Engineering,
    Bioprocess Technology
    - Microbial Bio-Technology,
    Environmental Bio-Technology
  • BBA, BCA & B.ComOpen

    Alpha arts chennai Students disscussing at the laboratory

    The Department of Computer Applications was established in the year 2000, with the objective to enhance employment opportunities in the IT sector. The department offers a 2-year Post Graduate Programme in Information Technology and U.G. Programme in Computer Applications. Faculty teach specialized areas like Software Engineering, Java Programming, Computer Graphics, Multimedia Systems, Data Structures and Algorithms, Programming in C/++ and Digital Logic. The department has a well-equipped laboratory and a reference library for the benefit of staff and students. Traditional teaching is supplemented through the aid of technology.

    Semester Major Paper Allied Paper Main Practical Allied Practical Electives
    Semester I Fundamentals of Digital Computers Mathemetics-I PC Software Lab - -
    Semester II Programming in C Mathemetics-II Programming in C Lab - -
    Semester III Programming in C++ and Data Structure Microprocessors and its Applications Numerical and Statistical Methods, Financial Accounting Data Structures Using C++ Lab - -
    Semester IV Programming in Java
    Operating System
    Computer Graphics
    Cost & Management Accounting Programming in Java Lab - -
    Semester V Database Management Systems
    Software Engineering
    Resource Management Techniques RDBMS Lab - Visual Programming RDBMS / Unix Programming
    Semester VI Web Technology Data Communication & Networking Software Engineering - Web Technology lab - Data Mining / E-commerce / Oops Multimedia / Client
    Server Computing / Distributed Computing

    Alpha arts chennai Students using the IT laboratory

    The Department set up in the year 2001, offers a three year Under Graduate Degree programme in Information Systems Management. This programme was introduced to cater to student and industry demands as it offers a combined focus on conceptual, technical and business skills that lead to a career which helps determine and implement the technological needs of a company. The department has a team of qualified faculty who provide an enriched learning atmosphere. It has a well-equipped computer laboratory, reference library and suitable teaching aids to make teaching-learning effective and interesting.

    Semester Major Paper Allied Paper Main Practical Allied Practical Electives
    Semester I Financial Accounting
    Principal of Management
    Computer Application in business - - -
    Semester II Business Communication
    Human Resource Management
    Date Structure - - -
    Semester III Logistics and Supply Chain Management
    Programming in 'C'
    Marketing Management
    Business Statistics C Practical - -
    Semester IV Management Information System
    OOP with C++
    Business Environment
    Operations Research C++ Practical - -
    Semester V Visual Basic Programming
    Financial Management
    Elements of Cost Accounting
    - Visual Basic Practical - Web Technology or Entrepreneurial Department
    Semester VI Management Accounting
    E-Business Software Project Management
    - - - Practical: Web technology or SPSS and
    Tally accounting Package Project Work (Group)

    Alpha arts chennai Students listening to the seminar

    The Department of Commerce established in the year 1996 offers a 3 year Undergraduate programme. It has a team of qualified staff who teach specialized areas like Indian Economy, International Economics and Business Economics, Income Tax, Cost and Management Accounting, Banking Theory, Law and Practice, Entrepreneurial Development and Business Communication. Faculty employ modern teaching tools to make learning effective. The department has a reference library - an asset for faculty and students and a Book Bank for the benefit of students. It offers a certificate course on TALLY and organizes Industrial Visits and Field Trips to provide Industry exposure to and help students in their career choices. The Department plans to upgrade to a Post Graduate department.

    Semester Major Paper Allied Paper Main Practical Allied Practical Electives
    Semester I Financial Accounting
    Business Communication
    Business Economics - - -
    Semester II Advanced Financial Accounting-II
    Principal of Management
    Indian Economy - - -
    Semester III Corporate Accounting
    Marketing Banking Theory
    Law & Practice Business Law
    Rural Economics
    Business Statistics
    - - -
    Semester IV Advanced Corporate Accounting
    Business Taxation
    Company Law
    Financial Services
    International Economics
    Elements of Operating Research
    - - -
    Semester V Elements of Cost Accounting
    Practical Auditing
    Financial Management
    Entrepreneurial Developemet
    - - - Income tax Law & Practice-I
    Visual Basic Programming Theory
    Semester VI Advanced Cost Accounting
    Management Accounting
    Business Environment
    - - - Income tax Law & Pratice-II,
    Visual Basic Practical,
    Human Resource Management,
    Portfolio Management

    Alpha arts chennai Students disscussing in the lab

    The Department of Business Administration was established in the year 2007 to meet the demands of the student community for management programmes and with the objective of producing competent managers for the industry. The programme introduces and exposes students to industry-specified management functions that enable them to get attuned to the expectations of corporate culture. The Department has a team of qualified faculty, two of whom have registered for Ph.D. They attend Faculty Development Programmes periodically to update in current trends in the subject and enhance teaching competencies. The Department is equipped with a reference library for use by students and faculty and teaching aids to enhance the teaching-learning process.

    Semester Major Paper Allied Paper Main Practical Allied Practical Electives
    Semester I Financial Accounting
    Principal of Management
    Managerial Economics
    Non Major Elective
    - - -
    Semester II Business Communication
    Management Accounting
    International Trade
    Non Major Elective
    - - -
    Semester III Financial Management
    Marketing Management
    Organizational Behaviour
    Computer Application in Business
    Business Maths & Statistics - - -
    Semester IV Human Resource Management
    Business Regulatory Framework
    Financial Service
    Management Information System
    Operation Research - - -
    Semester V Advertising & Salesmanship
    Research Methodology
    Operations Management
    Materials Management
    - - - Entrepreneurial Development / Logistics Management
    Semester VI Business Environment Services
    Marketing Business Taxation Elective II
    Customer Relationship Management /
    E Business Group Project
    - - - -

    Alpha arts and science college Students

    The Department of B.Com Corporate Secretaryship has been introduced in this academic year 2016-17 as a separate UG Course in commerce stream in Shift – I with a aim to give option to the commerce students to become company secretary. The “Corporate Club” of B.Com (CS) department creates a platform to the students to enhance their personality development and leadership quality. Department is planning to conduct inter-collegiate programmes, Industrial visits and training programmes for competitive exams. Department is keeping touch with The Institute of Company Secretaries of India to educate the students about ACS course and planning to start ACS foundation classes in the campus with the permission of the management.

    Semester Major Paper Allied Paper Main Practical Allied Practical Electives
    Semester I Financial Accounting
    Company Law and Secretaryship Practice-I
    Managerial Economics
    Marketing / Corporate
    - - -
    Semester II Advanced Financial Accounting
    Human Resource Management
    International Trade
    / Corporate Finance /
    Business Communication
    - - -
    Semester III Corporate Accounting-I
    Company law and Secretaryship Practice-II
    Statistics - I / Auditing
    / Fair Trade Principles
    - - -
    Semester IV Corporate Accounting-II
    Business Management
    Statistics - II / Banking
    / Theory Law & Practice
    / Elements of Insurance
    - - -
    Semester V Management Accounting
    Securities and Market
    Income Tax Law and
    Commercial Law
    - - - Entrepreneurial Development
    Semester VI Cost Accounting
    Industrial Laws
    Income Tax Law & Practice-II
    Indirect Taxes Project (Institutions
    - - - -
  • M.SC & M.COMOpen

    Alpha arts chennai Students disscussing at the lab

    A Candidate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science in the disciplines of Biology, Botany, Zoology, BioTechnology, Microbiology, Genetics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics, Agriculture or B.E/B.TECH (Biotech), B.V.Sc, MBBS, BDS or an examination of some other University accepted by the Syndicate as equivalent shall be eligible for admission to M.Sc Biotechnology Degree course.

    Semester Major Practical Elective Soft-skill
    Semester I Molecular Cell Biology
    Molecular Genetics
    Biochemistry & Biomolecules
    Molecular Cell Biology
    Molecular Genetics
    Biochemistry & Biomolecules
    Biophysics and Biostatistics
    Molecular Development Biology
    Soft Skill I
    Semester II Genetic Engineering
    Plant Bio-Technology
    Microbiology & Immunology
    Genetic Engineering
    Plant Bio-Technology
    Microbiology & Immunology
    Pharmaceutical Bio – Technology
    Introduction to Bioinformatics
    Soft Skill II
    Semester III Bioinformatics
    Bioprocess Technology
    Bioprocess Technology
    Nano Biotechnology
    Environmental Biotechnology
    Soft Skill III
    Semester IV Research Methodology
    - Stem Cell Biology
    Bioethics Human Rights and Social Issues
    Soft Skill IV

    Alpha arts chennai Students using the IT lab

    A candidate who has passed the B.Com., B.Com/B.A (Corporate Secretaryship), B.Com (Acc Fin) B.C.S., B.B.A.,B.Com (Bank Management), B.Com./B.A.(Co-operation), B.A. (Indus. Org.) and B.Sc.(Maths)/ Bsc (Stats) or B.Sc,(Comp. Sc.) or B.C.A, with any two core/main papers offered at the B.Com shall be eligible for admission to M.Com Degree course.

    Semester Major Paper Electives Soft-skill
    Semester I Advanced Corporate Accounting and Accounting
    Financial Management
    Organizational Behaviour
    Managerial Economics
    Paper I Soft Skill I
    Semester II Advanced Cost and Management Accounting #
    Quantitative Techniques for Business Decisions #
    Organizational Behaviour
    Marketing of Services
    Extra Disciplinary Elective - Paper – I
    Total Quality Management
    Paper – II Soft Skill II
    Semester III Research Methodology
    Fundamentals of Information Technology
    Knowledge Management
    Extra Disciplinary Elective- Paper – II
    Business Ethics, Corporate Governance & Social Responsibility
    Paper III
    Paper IV
    Soft Skill III
    Semester IV Management Information Systems
    Investment Analysis and Portfolio Theory
    Merchant Banking and Financial Services
    Project Plus Viva-voce
    Paper V Soft Skill IV

    List of Electives (Students can choose any five electives from the following list)

    1.Accounting for Specialized Institutions

    2.Income Tax Law and Practice

    3.Accounting for Decision Making

    4.Indirect Taxes

    5.Computerized Accounting

    6.Strategic Human Resource Management and Development

    7.Industrial relations and Labor Welfare

    8.Change Management

    9.Managerial Behavior and Effectiveness

    10.Human Resources Accounting and Audit

    11.CRM and Relationship Marketing

    12.Consumer Behavior

    13. Rights and Education

    14.Advertising and Salesmanship

    15.International Marketing