Alpha arts chennai Students using the computer in laboratory



Recognizing the growing demand for courses in Computer Studies and increasing job opportunities, an U.G. programme in Computer Science was started in the year 1997. It offers a 3 yearprogramme for students interested in pursuing a Post Graduate programme, or taking up jobs as trainee programmers. The department has qualified faculty who teach specialized areas like Web Technology, Database Management Systems, Java, Data Mining and Networks. The department is well equipped with a state-of-the art Computer Lab that helps enhance the teaching-learning process and a reference library for use by staff and students. The Faculty of the department also attend frequent training programmes which help them to handle constantly changing technological trends.

Shift- I & Shift- II

Semester Major Paper Allied Paper Main Practical Allied Practical Electives
Semester I Programming in C Mathemetics-I Programming in C - -
Semester II Digital Electronics & Microprocessors Mathemetics-II Digital Electronics & Microprocessors - -
Semester III Programming in C++ & Data Structures Statistical Methods and their Applications-I Data Structures Using C++ - -
Semester IV Programming in Java Statistical Methods and their Applications-II Java Programming Lab Statistical Methods and their Applications-I -
Semester V Operating Systems, Database Management Systems, Computer Architecture and Organization - RDBMS Lab - Visual Programming RDBMS & Oracle Unix Programming
Semester VI Data Communication & Networking, Web Technology Software Engineering - Web Applications lab - Data Mining Software testing-Object oriented Analysis & Design Client/server computing

Alpha Arts Chennai Students using the visual communication laboratory

The Department started in the year 2005 offers a 3-year under graduate programme in Visual Communication with well qualified and experienced staff in their respective fields. Students of the department make maximum use of learning resources available. A well-furnished audio-visual laboratory and other facilities, equipment like a range of cameras, editing studio and dark room are set up. Seminars, Industrial Visits and Guest Lectures are organized on a regular basis to enhance the teaching-learning experience. The Department brings out a Department Journal Chuvadu, and Newsletter Media wings every year. It also organizes an annual exhibition in prominent venues like the Lalit Kala Academy to expose the creative talents of its students.

Shift- I

Semester Major Paper Allied Paper Main Practical Allied Practical Electives
Semester I Introduction to Visual Communication - Drawing-I, Graphics designing-I - -
Semester II Communication skills Drawing-II, Graphics designing-II - - -
Semester III Advertising, Printing and publication - - Computer Graphics -
Semester IV Elements of Film Basic Photography - - Photography -
Semester V Media Culture & Society Television Production - - Web Publishing Advertising Photography Projects (Phase1) -
Semester VI Media Organization - Television Production 3D animation Project (Phase II) (Phase III) - -

Alpha arts Chennai students using Electronics and Communication using the lab

The programme trains students in the fundamentals of electronic circuits (analog and digital) and offers specialization in communication systems like Radio & TV, fibre optics & networking and microcontrollers. One of the highlights of the programme is project development and industrial training.

Shift- I

Semester Major Paper Allied Paper Main Practical Allied Practical Electives
Semester I Basic Circuit Theory Mathemetics-I Main Practical-I - -
Semester II Basic Electronics Mathemetics-II Main Practical-II - -
Semester III Electricity, Magnetism and Electromagnetism
Numerical Methods
Amplifiers and Oscillators
Basic Physics-I Main Practical-III - -
Semester IV Principal of Communication
Programming in C and OOPS Concepts
Digital Electronics
Basic Physics-II Main Practical-II
Basic Physics
Photography -
Semester V Microprocessors (Intel 8085)
Antenna and Television Engineering,
Electrical and Electronics Instrumentation
- Main Practical-V - Microwave and Fiber Optic,
Communication System
Semester VI Microcontroller - Main Practical-III
Main Practical-IV
- Industrial Electronics

Testtube with specimens in Alpha arts chennai Laboratory

The Department offers a three-year Under Graduate and two-year Post Graduate Programme in Biotechnology. The programme is designed to provide an in-depth study of biology with emphasis on applications. It caters to the demands of the industry and research hubs that need trained biotechnologists. The Department has a team of well-qualified staff who teach specialized subjects like Genetics, Molecular Biology, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Tissue Engineering and Nanotechnology. Besides teaching, faculty also pursue research, publish papers and participate in conferences and faculty development programmes. The Department has both U.G. and P.G. laboratories and facilities to carry out research activities.

Shift- I

Semester Major Paper Allied Paper Main Practical Allied Practical Electives
Semester I Cell Biology Microbiology Cell Biology Microbiology -
Semester II Communication skills Molecular Developemet
Chemistry Molecular Developemet
Semester III Genetics Biochemistry Genetics Biochemistry -
Semester IV Plan Bio-Technology Biophysics and
Plan Bio-Technology - -
Semester V Animal Bio-Technology
- Immunology &
Animal Bio-Technology
- Pharmaceutical Bio-Technology
Semester VI Genetics Engineering,
Bioprocess Technology
- Genetics Engineering,
Bioprocess Technology
- Microbial Bio-Technology,
Environmental Bio-Technology