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    The medium of instruction is English. The class strength is limited to 30 and the teacher to student ratio is maintained as 1:15. The curriculum is designed to have a two-term structure. While the I term is from April to September, the II term is from October to March. The aim of the institution is to develop global citizens who are self-confident, responsible, and aware of their duties towards the community. Students are encouraged to cultivate skills that help them face the challenges of the dynamic global village.

    Children at Alpha International School are recognised to be individuals with unique backgrounds, potential and interests. Alpha International School aims to make learning relevant and meaningful to students by adopting an inquiry based, integrated curriculum, which focuses on the child as a highly inquisitive learner. The curriculum at Alpha International School supports a developmental, student-centric approach, engaging them in classroom activities. Constructive feedback is given to students to encourage and motivate them.

    Teachers, promote a curriculum framed to meet students’ varying needs, abilities, and learning styles. A balanced education programme within a safe, stimulating environment is maintained so that every child learns and grows to their greatest potential.

    The school adopts a holistic approach to develop students’ personality, with the inclusion of Sports and Performing Arts (SPA)into the curriculum. Some of the methods followed, at Alpha to ensure all-round development of children are as follows:

    • Alphians are taught with innovative methods, with individualised attention and guidance to develop their inherent potential with sensitivity to multiple intelligence.
    • Students are taught to uphold their social, moral and spiritual values by affirming the worth and dignity of each individual and instilling in each student a caring attitude towards society during their value education periods. They are also exposed to activities which sensitise them to the needs of the less privileged through caring and sharing.
    • They are taught to respect cultural diversity, beliefs and values of all people and to work with a sense of commitment, social responsibility and open mindedness through celebrations without any distinction.
    • Students are encouraged to build life skills such as team spirit to achieve a common goal, develop a winning attitude by accepting failure as another step to success through projects and sports activities.
    • Students are also motivated to express themselves and give vent to/ recognise their potential in different forms of art like music (instrumental/vocal), drama and dance.


    While the major objective of assessment is to measure progress and achievement of students that reflect the effectiveness of the classroom transaction, it also serves as a feedback mechanism for the students. The assessment pattern helps highlight areas where performance can be improved, in concurrence with the concept of holistic development of the student. At AIS, the methods of assessment differ based on the grades students are in.

    Kindergarten follows a non-formal, continuous and comprehensive assessment pattern with both oral and written assessments. Written assessments are done in the worksheets periodically given to check understanding. They serve as practice for students, just like a meaningful assignment. Ongoing assessments that are structured through the Mitra Tab are conducted for each concept.

    The Primary & Secondary level have a series of Formative Assessments (FA) aimed at measuring progress and achievements of students through practically assessing activities and subject-specific skills. Pen and paper assessments spread over the academic year are conducted informally for the understanding of learning levels achieved. The skill gaps are observed, and the necessary remediation is undertaken. The Summative Assessment (SA) is a formal written test, which is conducted at the end of each term. The student is graded based on the sum total of FA and SA conducted over the two terms.

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    • Kindergarten
    • Primary School
    • Secondary School
    Kindergarten (PRE KG- UKG)

    A child’s first school experience is very important in laying the foundation for a lifetime of learning and building confidence to face life. Alpha’s Childhood Programmes are an amalgamation of play, culture and the roots of structured learning.

    At Alpha, Kindergarten level adopts a structured thematic curriculum based on International Early Years (IEYC) curriculum and the Chrysalis Thinkroom programme that focuses on the learning of Mathematics, Understanding the World (Environmental Science), English Language & Communication as core subjects. It also focuses on expressive art, design, personal, social and emotional development, physical development along with Lego learning. This educational framework is set for children of 2.5 – 5.5 years of age. The curriculum helps in developing progressive learning that facilitates smooth transition into Grade I, meeting global standards.

    Highlights of the kindergarten programme include educational field trips linked to the curriculum, structured in-door and out-door playtime in the Kids Fun-Zone. While it is all fun and play for the students, the choice of equipment ensures muscle and motor skills development and enhancement in their coordination. Students are treated to a nutritious and hygienic pre-packed, pre-planned healthy snack during the days of learning and playing.

    The teacher to student ratio in kindergarten which is maintained as 1:15, ensures personalised attention to every student’s needs.

    Primary School (GRADES I - V)

    At Alpha International School, we adopt the National curriculum with international pedagogy at the Primary level. By this we aim to give students a global perspective and develop lifelong learners, who are highly inquisitive. The school adopts a holistic approach to develop students’ personality, which includes Sports and Performing Arts (SPA), integrated into the curriculum. The methods followed at Alpha ensure all-round development of children. As students’ progress into the Primary level of Grades I & II, Alpha offers English, Math and Science as core subjects, along with II Language, III Language and ICT.

    Grades III upwards, students are offered English, Math, Science, Social studies and 2nd Language as core subjects. In addition, they are also offered, ICT and III Language.

    By adopting the latest trends in global curriculum, the school seeks to empower children with a strong foundation in core discipline areas, with a rich amalgamation of national and international themes, interdisciplinary learning, global awareness, health literacy, environmental literacy, civic literacy and ICT.

    Secondary School (GRADE VI UPWARDS)

    At the secondary level, the syllabus is based on the guidelines provided by the National Curriculum Framework and the National Council for Education Research and Training.

    CBSE curriculum comprises of English, Mathematics, Science, Social science, ICT, II Language (Hindi/ Tamil/ French) & III Language (Hindi/ Tamil/ French).Through the CBSE curriculum we aim to promote critical and creative thinking skills, effective communication skills, interpersonal skills, collaborative skills as well as information and media skills. We emphasize on International best practices using active learning methods based on multiple intelligence, individual student focus approach combined with traditional values to make students future ready.

    Through CBSE curriculum we provide opportunities for extended learning and help develop perspectives with emphasis on research orientation and social empowerment.


    II Language: UKG - Grade V (Tamil/ Hindi), Grade VI upwards (Tamil/ Hindi/ French)

    III Language: Grade I - IV (Hindi/ Tamil), Grade V upwards (Hindi/ Tamil/ French)

  • Beyond AcademicsOpen

    A gateway to direct learning - Alpha aims at creating a curriculum, which is not solely focused on classroom learning. The school believes in providing opportunities that help children deal with tough situations, better. The Life Skill Programme at Alpha sensitises students from a young age to accept social needs, handle relationships by overcoming anger and fear and nurtures to hone their problem solving skills, empowering them to scale new heights.

    • Literacy Activities
    • The Physical Education Programme
    • Art and Culture
    • Field Exposure
    • Clubs
    • Scouts and Guides
    • Community Services
    • Events and Celebrations
    Literacy Activities

    Reading Programme

    The reading programme at AIS, introduces children to a world of fiction and non-fiction, at a young age, with the basics of phonics, to richer reading which includes breadth and unrivalled support. The reading programme is designed with the goal to support and enhance students' literacy development through effective strategies. Each class up to Grade II, gets a minimum of two periods per week, apart from the Library hour, to utilise the specially designed Reading Books which are graded and colour coded age appropriately in the School Library. These classes happen with the support and guidance from a group of 5 teachers each handling 6 students at a time. Each student gets a copy of the story book and teachers conduct the activities based on the story read.

    NAT GEO Engage Programme

    Aptly reflecting the philosophy to enhance learning, AIS endeavors to expose students to project based learning through the introduction of the National Geographic Explorer, a fantastic programme for students to undertake research-oriented projects in English, Science and Social Science. Engage Learning is nonfiction storytelling at its best. The world-class content exposes children to authentic nonfiction genres that provide excellent models for their own writing. The magazine teaches STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), environmental and social studies, while improving English vocabulary and comprehension. Several stories are written by experts, introducing children to what scientists are doing in real science today.

    The Cambridge English Advantage

    Students at Alpha are trained to undertake the Cambridge YLE tests (Young Learners test in English) from Grades III - V and progress to Lower Main suite exams KET & PET in Grade VI.These exams help learners in developing English Language skills, preparing them for a future full of opportunities, through world-class education standard.

    Excelling in this training enables learners to acquire language proficiency of C1 Grade in English, which is equivalent to an IELTS band 9, as per the CEFR-Common European Framework Reference, which is the entry requirement for immigration to foreign universities for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Students with a C1 qualification hold a good chance of having excellent career prospects.

    Olympiad, ICAS (International Competition & Assessment For Schools), Spell Bee, Online Adaptive Exams

    Students are encouraged to participate in International Olympiads to master Science, Mathematics, Computer Science and Languages (English/Tamil/Hindi). Competitive examinations on a National and International scale don’t just serve as a certification of competency, but also instill a sense of self confidence, promote healthy competition and create global awareness.

    While the Olympiad and the ICAS exams in English enhances the comprehension and creativity of the learner the Spell Bee exams enhances their vocabulary and language usage. The adaptive exams are online exams which help students to review their concept understanding.

    All these exams not only build confidence to face competitive exams but also give an idea about where they are placed internationally. Several of our students are toppers and high performers at the District level, State level, National level and International levels in these exams.

    Today’s world is full of opportunities. It is also full of Competition.

    At AIS we provide a platform to explore the talents and nurture them to the utmost. The last Friday of every month, a variety of Talent display competitions are conducted in art, music, dance, fancy dress, rangoli, flower arrangement, cookery, lego, ICT,and so on. Learners take part either individually or as a group. Everyone gets an opportunity to participate in one or the other of the competition of his/her choice and interest.

    Though our children are young, they very enthusiastically participate in several Inter school competitions, competing against even very senior students, and win prizes in most of them.

    Every year they participate in AWIM- A World In Motion ‘wheels on the move’ a research based competition, in which the 3 groups of children participate in 3 categories, Skimmer, Jet-toy & Glider. This is conducted by SAEINDIA INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION - THE ENGINEERING SOCIETY FOR ADVANCE MOBILITY LAND SEA AIR AND SPACE with Mahindra city.

    Every year, our children also participate in discussions to find out solutions for problems in and around the environment and have come with smart solutions and prototypes.

    The school choir participates in the Choir Competition conducted by several institutions and win prizes. During the Christmas season, the Choir is specially invited to participate in Carol Singing Competition by nearby schools and for Carol services by Ecumenical Organisations. On Christmas day, they are invited to perform Christmas Carol, on air by Vasanth TV.

    The Physical Education Programme

    Physical education and sport is important to the holistic development of students.The school adopts a structured curriculum for Physical Education as laid down by the norms of International Primary Curriculum that is interwoven with the framework of curricular learning. A host of indoor and outdoor games and activities enhance interdisciplinary learning leading to a sound mind in a sound body.

    Alpha International School offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor sports activities such as Yoga, Basketball, Football, Handball, Skating, and Athletics. The colourful multi play equipment exclusively for the tiny tots is a source of attraction to all the preschool learners. The colourfully structured playpen located by the school entrance serves to provide physical training to children. Installed in a secure zone and designed to ensure safety, the play area is indeed the most engaging spot for the tiny tot’s school life at Alpha.

    Arts and Culture


    Creativity and artistic skill development is another focus area at Alpha. Students are taught, trained and exposed to Indian and western music, vocal and instrumental, by qualified teachers. Participation in music provides a unique opportunity for literacy preparation. Whether the children are singing, playing, or listening, teachers direct them to listen and hear in new ways which exercises their aural discrimination. At AIS, students are given opportunity to practise vocal music and an instrument of their choice (keyboard/recorder/guitar) during the school hours, under experts in the field. Students who have a keen interest and good potential are hand picked to form the school choir. There are separate choir teams for Juniors and Seniors and they represent the school in the Inter school Music Competitions. Selected students are also trained to be a part of the school band.


    Young children express themselves through dance. To build confidence to face audience and to encourage them to develop interest, flexibility and rhythm they are trained by field experts. Introducing dance to children, at a young age, supports creativity, socialisation, cognitive connections and physical coordination. It also helps improve range of motion, stamina and strength. The movements in dance also help improve balance, coordination and posture. Children learn to appreciate art and culture when exposed to the unique dance forms enjoyed in countries around the world. At AIS, students are exposed to various forms of dance - Classical Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Folk, Western, Hip Hop Disco etc. by trained faculty. Students are given opportunities to perform in the various school functions and celebrations.


    To be successful in a highly competitive world, our children need to be confident and articulate. Through drama, children learn to express themselves better, relate to their peers and develop essential life skills. Experts from the field of theatre deliver lessons in accordance to Alpha’s structured curriculum that is progressive at each grade. Students are encouraged to express themselves through theatre and to improve their self-confidence, self-esteem and proficiency in language. AIS joins hands with Helen O’Grady International, the world’s largest developmental drama programme, with the objective to develop Creativity, Spontaneity, Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, Social skills, English Language skills, Presentation skills, Public Speaking skills, Problem Solving abilities, Imagination, Team building and Collaboration. The programme also encourages whole-hearted participation and culminates in students presenting a scripted production at the end of each academic year.


    Students are given an opportunity to cultivate and develop the creativity in them. They are exposed to different genres of art and a wide variety of craftwork during school hours. This helps develop the fine motor skills, increase dexterity, improves hand-eye coordination, boost self esteem, encourage self-expression as well as promotes innovation and creativity. The well-lit walls and corridors of AIS celebrate the free expression of the Alphians. The craft works of our students are ‘high on demand’ products during the Annual Carnival - Jamboree. Our students have bagged National level awards and certificates for Drawing and Painting. They have also received a wide range of appreciation in various Inter school competitions.



    At Alpha, the philosophy of experiential learning is put into practice in the form of outdoor and on-site learning activities that are interfaced with the curriculum. Field trips with clear objectives in mind give the students a chance to immerse in real world experiences and connect varied real-life situations to classroom learning. Multiple objectives suitable for three or four curricular subjects are combined while planning for a field trip. A minimum of one field trip per term per class is planned every year.


    Children need to be engaged in activities beyond academics, which help enhance their personality and develop their skills, which in the later years manifest as Career and Life Skill. At Alpha, grade I & II students enjoy being a part of the Young Fiddler’s Club every first and fourth Saturday. The various clubs for grades III –V include music, cookery, writing, speaking, drawing, painting and crafts.


    The club aims to encourage students to bring out the hidden chef within them. It allows them to explore the art of cooking, to learn the importance of food presentation and helps develop students’ knowledge on intake of balanced meals, and basic food hygiene, which are skills that come in handy for a lifetime.


    Writer’s and Orator’s clubs are a platform for students to cultivate innovative writing in a variety of topics and to open up and cultivate public speaking. These clubs also help inculcate a habit of reading newspapers and watching educational programmes on the television that contribute to developing a repertoire of general knowledge. These clubs also enable students to respond spontaneously and actively contribute to any discussion.


    While being up to date with technology and modern education, children today need to learn to appreciate culture and traditional values. The Heritage Club gives scope to gain knowledge about cultural values, as an effort to sensitise students to respect the differences in culture.


    At AIS students are given ample opportunities to explore mother nature and its bounties. Children with green fingers are given the opportunity to quench their fingers itch by involving in gardening activities. They are further educated to preserve the earth by involving them in various projects related to conserving nature.


    Sewing, an essential life skill has become a forgotten art. AIS in order to empower the students and enrich their lives has made this life skill a part of their option in club activities.


    To create environmental sensitivity , scientific reasoning and to imbibe leadership skills which would make the learning holistic students are trained in uniformed groups such as Scouts Guides and Junior Red Cross. The Scouts and Guides is an all in one programme with diverse activities, ranging from tent-pitching to arts and crafts. To instill the values of integrity, respect, care and responsibility, Alphians are inducted into Scouts & Guides and Junior Red Cross movements in their secondary school level. This would mould them into well rounded adults and leaders of tomorrow. Camps are arranged annually to help enhance students’ learning process and to remain connected with their path.


    Children from an early age (Grade I) onwards are taught to serve the community selflessly in the form of Social Empowerment through Work and Action (SEWA). Opportunities are created to sensitise children about people who are less privileged and create awareness of every individual’s duties and responsibilities towards society, country, and environment.All the students are encouraged to make meaningful contributions to the local and global issues and do community service, in accordance to their age, in the effort to make them responsible global citizens of tomorrow.

    These add on programmes, besides the regular curriculum, are not for sheer embellishment for the school but to ignite the minds of our students, for this journey of lifelong learning.

    Events & Celebrations

    At AIS we celebrate 5 major school events - Sports day - SURGE , Carnival - JAMBOREE, Annual day - AURA, the Science & Art exhibition and the KG Graduation day.

    Alpha spots and nurtures leadership qualities in students. Each student in primary is allotted to one of the four houses Spartan(Red), Olympian(Blue),Titan(Green) and Trojan(Yellow). The chosen student leaders of each house, Head Boy and Head Girl, Sports Captain and Asst. Sports Captain form the Students’ council. The badges for the selected leaders are given in the Investiture ceremony. The leaders are motivated to take responsibility for helping in maintaining discipline, assisting in school events and help juniors in their tasks, with the support and guidance of teachers.

    Investiture ceremony is closely followed by Primary annual sports day and then the KG Annual Sports Day “Surge”. Every year a mascot is chosen which has significance with the year’s common theme.The selection of mascot is done by the students in the expression through art. Sports day for children has proved to enhance mental and physical development, as well as social skills. In Sports Day, students participate in various kinds of sports and games enthusiastically with the cooperation of parents and teachers. As a result, students come to realise the value of cooperation and team spirit.

    We have a gala celebration of our Carnival Jamboree in the first term. The festive mood sweeps the crowd of parents and students. Children and parents enjoy the games and food stalls and have a fun time in the workshops arranged for them. The proceeds from the carnival goes to the teachers benefit fund.

    The Science & Art exhibition gives ample opportunity for showcasing students potential both as young scientists and artists.

    The Annual Day Aura is celebrated with grandeur,showcasing all the talents that are honed throughout the year by the experts.

    The KG Graduation Day marks the grand finale for the academic year with the tiny tots stepping with pride into the primary school.

    Festivals like Diwali and Pongal are celebrated exposing students not only to the Indian traditions and culture but also messages these celebrations leave behind. On the eve of Diwali all learners witness fire safety drill creating awareness regarding fire safety precautions to be followed especially while bursting crackers.

    Christmas marks great festivities. All class rooms are decorated and our Christmas day is celebrated with the Christmas tree, Carols, Santa Claus and nativity play spreading the spirit of Christmas. The Christmas message is shared by a special guest. Students enjoy sharing the joy of Christmas with the less privileged. They perform for them, spend time one on one with them and distribute the stationery items, biscuits and hand over the contributions made by our parents in kind like rice, sugar and oil. This sensitises them to face some realities in life. The teachers also celebrate Christmas with the Christmas message shared by a special guest.

    In the rest of the celebrations during the year, the choice moments KG kids enjoy with their grandparents on Grandparents day. specially preparing greeting cards, and collages for them. Watching their grandparents play games and engage in activities with them made them value their relationship.

    During Teachers day students give a special treat to the teachers. They felicitate teachers and wish them with specially made greeting cards. Primary students take special efforts to treat all teachers to a cultural extravaganza. The parents wonderfully organize the event with a lot of enthusiasm. Several competitions and club activities are conducted for all the classes. Teachers also perform variety entertainment programme.

    Independence Day and Republic Day are celebrated with great honour and patriotism. Students sing and dance to patriotic songs, perform skits and and speak about the importance of the day.