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Alpha School | Campus Life |Library | International Facilities
  • InfrastructureOpen

    The Alpha management has ensured that the infrastructure, amenities and facilities are commensurate with the global standards in its International School.

    • Laboratories

    Technology enabled air-conditioned class rooms, vibrant colours and ergonomic student friendly furniture, smart boards and AV integration capability, all combine to create a highly conductive atmosphere for enhanced learning.


    A school is defined by the library it keeps. At Alpha International School, Sembakkam, no effort is spared in keeping the library well stocked with subject related books, educational journals, periodicals and newspapers catering to the requirements of all grades. Extra-curricular reading (fiction and nonfiction) is strongly recommended and catered to with reading material prescribed by subject specialists.


    Alpha provides the best of international education to its students. We have and AV room equipped with a projector and surround sound system that enables learners to view curriculum related content in audio-visual format, reinforcing concepts taught in the classroom.



    A well-equipped, state of the art computer lab to learn the nuance of computing through child friendly and joyful programmes.


    The math lab enables the teaching of mathematical concepts in a fun – filled way through activities using a variety of kits and equipments.


    Alpha International School, Sembakkam, houses three well-equipped laboratories for physical and life sciences. This is another step towards experiential learning which is integral to our educational philosophy.

    Composite Technology Laboratory

    The laboratory facilitates multidisciplinary learning, namely, Science, Maths, Humanities and Technology using subject specific self-do kits, under supervision, promoting experiential learning. The laboratory enables students to reinforce theoretical concepts learnt in the classroom and stimulates critical thinking and problem solving skills in students through experimentation under the guidance of qualified teachers. In the lab, students are encouraged to work collaboratively and connect in groups on topics that call for experimentation, observation, inference and conclusion.

    Sports Infrastructure

    “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” Though this may sound clichéd, it is a fact and we strongly believe that playtime is equally important as academics. Hence, sports activities form an integral part of our curriculum, for holistic development of the student. Alpha International School, Sembakkam, offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor sports activities such as Chess, Carrom, Board games, Traditional games, Basketball, Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Skating and Athletics.

    A multi-use hard court, leveled playground and other infrastructure along with the required equipment and professional coaches for each sport are made available. The student is continuously graded on multiple parameters and end of term report is provided to the parents to see the progression and development of the child.


    At Alpha International School, Sembakkam, we provide school transport facility to ferry children to and from school. The buses will be compliant with RTO norms.

    Buses will be manned by a lady attendant who will be available on board from the first boarding point to the last drop point. The school transport service will ensure that our children travel comfortably and safely to and from the school.

  • FacultyOpen

    All the teachers at Alpha are highly qualified and competent professionals with a learner centric orientation. Alpha teachers create an invigorating environment with their enthusiasm that kindles the excitement and desire for learning in every child. New teachers inducted into the system undergo a training program to ensure that minimum defined standard of curriculum delivery in the classroom is maintained. Existing teachers undergo refresher courses at regular intervals to update their skills.

    At Alpha, not only students, teachers are also continuously learning. They enthusiastically participate in all the Training sessions which management plans every year. Alpha International School provides the continuous opportunity for it.

  • CounselorOpen

    Alpha International School, Sembakkam, has an in-house counselor who identifies students with learning challenges, coaches them on how to overcome their challenges and tutors them academically so that these special needs children stand at par with their peers in the classroom.