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    At Alpha, classrooms are equipped to integrate technology into our curriculum delivery. Air-conditioned class rooms, vibrant colours and ergonomic student friendly furniture, smart Tata Class Edge boards and AV integration capability, all combine to create a highly conducive atmosphere for enhanced learning. From the large repository of generic AV content, which is being constantly updated, facilitators can choose the best material to supplement their classroom sessions to reinforce the concepts. This aids in improving the overall academic performance in school.

    Composite Technology Laboratory

    The laboratory facilitates multidisciplinary learning, namely, Science, Maths, Humanities and Technology using subject specific self-do kits, under supervision, promoting experiential learning. The laboratory enables students to reinforce theoretical concepts learnt in the classroom and stimulates critical thinking and problem solving skills in students through experimentation under the guidance of qualified teachers. In the lab, students are encouraged to work collaboratively and connect in groups on topics that call for experimentation, observation, inference and conclusion.

    STEM Laboratory

    At Alpha our mission is ‘to develop self-learners with active and creative minds.’ Our teachers incorporate hands-on, problem-based delivery techniques to introduce students to existing technologies and enhance their performing skills pertinent to today’s industrial need. Creating practical application of academic material through hands on activities such as Robotics makes learning exciting and interesting for students. The composite STEM lab is an exclusive concept of Alpha which facilitates multi disciplinary learning, encouraging students to design and develop their knowledge and skills of concepts through experiential learning.

    As a premier institution that provides a continuum of learning experiences and qualifications from Pre School to Post graduation, and with a vision of nurturing leaders of the future, we have embraced STEM learning for students from as early as the kindergarten ages. We have successfully integrated and implemented STEM learning with a higher gradient in our learning curve that our students are now able to represent in competitions. We believe that this will go a long way in creating a Z generation workforce that will be trained in problem solving and developing quick and cost-effective solutions on the go.

    Computer Laboratory

    At Alpha, a well-equipped computer lab promotes learning the nuance of computing through child-friendly programmes. Information and Communication Technology, a 21st century skill to provide children with digital information and media literacy, is delivered through the Cambridge programme of ICT starters. They comprise both theory and practical components. The computer lab also enhances development of English language.


    A school is defined by the library it keeps. At Alpha, no effort is spared in keeping the library well stocked with subject related books, reference books, educational journals, periodicals and newspapers catering to the requirements of all grades. Extra-curricular reading is strongly recommended and catered to with reading material prescribed by subject specialists. The peaceful and comfortable ambience of our library is inviting to both, the voracious reader and as well a potential reader. They are also taught information literacy skills which equip them to navigate their way around the library and develop research skills. Our constant effort to encourage our students to develop reading, through the reading programme, helps them cultivate reading habit.

    Resource Room

    Enabling differential learning is one of the key interests of Alpha. The school caters to the special needs of the learners through the services of a qualified and experienced counsellor, who takes the charge to identify and enable students having learning difficulties who are in need of additional care and support through constant and continual liaising with the school head, teachers and parents. This concurs with Alpha’s philosophy of an all-inclusive education wherein students are given a fair chance to achieve their potential.

    Pet Corner

    One does not need to go to the zoo to be connected with animals and birds. Children can take a nature walk inside the campus and see parrots, parakeets, pigeons, lovebirds in vibrant hues chirping, cooing and squealing in delight.