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    Pre KG / Montessori I Completed two and half years of age as on 31st May
    LKG / Montessori II Completed three years of age as on 31st May
    UKG / Montessori II Completed four years of age as on 31st May
    Class I Completed five years of age as on 31st May


    1. Students seeking admission in Grade 2 and upwards may be asked to appear for a written test, at the school’s discretion.
    2. Students coming from schools following CBSE or ICSE or State Matriculation board or any International curriculum may be admitted on the strength of their transfer certificate counter signed by the authorities of the educational board concerned, and a satisfactory record of performance in the previous school.
    3. Admission is subject to availability of seats in the particular class, and is at the school’s discretion.
    4. The student has to complete all pre-admission formalities such as submission of all documentation, payment of fees etc. before the admission is confirmed.

    For further details contact school office.

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    1. Can I get the Prospectus?
      Parents can collect the same at the admission counter of the school's office or please write to
    2. Do you admit children from overseas?
      Children from overseas’ schools are admitted in Alpha, subject to them passing the admission test conducted at the school.
      As Alpha follows tested teaching methodologies adopted globally, the transition of ward in the school is likely to be swift and stress less.
    3. Do you open mid-year admissions?
      Yes for Classes Pre-KG, LKG and UKG. However, for other classes, genuine cases like relocation and transfer are considered.
    4. What are the language options you offer?
      First Language : English
      Second Language : Tamil/Hindi
      Grade I To V
      First Language : English
      Second Language : Tamil/Hindi
      Third Language: Hindi/Tamil
      Grade VI and Above
      First Language : English
      Second Language : Tamil/Hindi/French
      Third Language : Hindi/Tamil/French
    5. Mention the unique features that you offer for the students.
      Wi-Fi Enabled Learning Studios, Structured Reading Program, Integrated STEM Curriculum, NAT GEO program, British Council’s YLE (Young Learner’s English) Program, Field Trips, Holistic Development through Sports ,Club activities and after school activities. All of these activities are supported by trained faculty.
    6. Do you have transport facility?
      Yes. Please contact the office for details regarding the routes and timings.
    7. Do you offer after school activities for the children?
      Art, Music, Handwriting, Athletics, Badminton, Skating, Karate are some of the proposed activities. These will be conducted based on registrations.
    8. What is the criterion for admission to the school?
      For KG, personal interaction session with the child along with the parent is required. For Grade I, oral tests will be conducted. For all other classes from Class II and upwards, written tests in English, Math & Science will be conducted.
    9. Do you provide Snack/Lunch facility for children?
      KG Students are provided a nutritious and hygienic pre-packed pre-planned healthy snack every day.
      Primary children can opt for snack and/or lunch at an additional cost, and for menu of their choice.
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    This form is split into 4 pages and each pages have some important fields marked in '*'. The other fields are optional; however, we request you to fill in as much information as possible. To complete the form and submit it online, you will need soft copies of the following documents:

    1. Photograph*
    2. Birth Certificate*
    3. Aadhar Card*
    4. Parent's Certificate of highest qualification*

    Click to apply online for Alpha International School, Sembakkam