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BTech - Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

The BTech - Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Program at ACE equips students with skills necessary to analyze the vast data available in the environment and make intelligent decisions. This program in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science is an interdisciplinary branch of science that helps students to specialize in many multi disciplinary and cross-disciplinary skills across verticals such as statistics, computer science, machine learning, deep learning, fuzzy logic, data warehousing, data mining, artificial intelligence, neural networks, big data analytics, applications of AI, chat bots, image and speech recognition, and intelligent automation etc to name a few. In these times of digitalization of markets and applications of multiple emerging technologies, exposure to these innovative technologies will make students industry ready so that they can pursue successful careers Thus, the main purpose of this course is to train students with the next age of Intelligence and analytics generated by machines, which influence almost all phases of our lives and to aid in enhancing efficiencies and augment human capabilities, that influence consumer products with significant breakthroughs across the industries.



The CISCO Lab is equipped with specialized computers that enable the smooth conduct of CCNA, Security, Cloud and Grid Computing experiments, Internet Programming and Mobile Application Development. The lab workstations have various industry standard Networking Packages. The Lab has 24/7 Internet Connectivity.Installed Softwares include : CISCO Packet Tracer, IBM Rational Suite, Visual Studio, Eclipse and Net beans, Android Simulator, Java, Globus Toolkit, Open Nebula and Eucalyptus.

Hardware: HCL Workstations/PC (50), ACER Workstations (10) Canon Printers, CISCO Routers and Switches.

System Configuration: ACER Workstations (10): Intel Core i3, 3.7 GHz Processor, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB Hard disk HCL Workstations (30): Intel Core i3, 3.3 GHz Processor, 8 GB RAM, 500 GB Hard disk HCL Workstations (18): Intel Dual core 2.20 GHz, 4GB RAM, 320 GB Hard Disk

Total number of computers installed: 60


The AI lab has uninterrupted power supply and is well equipped with the latest softwares. Students are encouraged to practice and hone their computing skills using the latest technologies and softwares such as Cloud, Grid and basic C programs, Python Programming software, etc. The Lab sports 24/7 Internet Connectivity.

Total number of computers installed: 60


The Lab is equipped with general purpose computer systems that enable students to write and practice C/ C++/ Java based programs. The lab workstations have industry standard programming, Analytics, Graphics and Open Source software’s.Softwares installed: ORACLE, Turbo C/C++ Compiler, Java, Visual Studio, Blender and My SQL. The Lab has 24/7 Internet Connectivity.

Total number of Systems: 50

Computer lab of alpha college of engineering
Alpha students learning at the computer lab

The department is part of CISCO Networking Academy through which the students become network experts and get CCNA Certification. The department is a member of ICTACT Academy which helps develop the Communication skills of students through their Youth Circle Program. The department promotes continuous learning and research in core and emerging areas with help of IIT alumni club “PALS”.

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• Artificial Neural Network
• Machine Learning
• Python
• Evolutionary Systems
• Robotics
• Natural Language Processing (NLP)
• Computer Vision
• Expert Systems


Companies that provide placements

• Infosys



• Syntel

• Enchanter

• CSS Corp

• Sutherland









Alpha Students at the computer laboratory

AI and data science is a promising field with numerous opportunities for successful and challenging careers and also for higher studies in both India and abroad. To name a few-

• MS Data Science
• MS Machine Learning


BTech in AI & Data Sciences provides students with great Career Opportunities in the field of Artificial Intelligence such as -

1.Big Data Engineer

2. Business Intelligence Developer

3. Data Scientist

4. Machine Learning Engineer

5. Research Scientist

6. AI Data Analyst

7. Product Manager

8. AI Engineer

9. Robotics Scientist

10.Business Development Manager

11.ML architect

12.Sales Engineer

13.Intelligence Specialist

14.Robotic Process automation

15.AI consultant