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Career Oriented Academics
  • Graduate Engineering Employability programme (GEEP) Endorsed by SWISSMEM, SwitzerlandOpen

    To improve the job readiness of its engineering students, Alpha College of Engineering now offers employability programme integrated into its curriculum. This helps them become familiar with industry requirements and practices and gives them an edge in placement opportunities. For students of Mechanical, ECE, CS and allied branches of engineering, a course on Industrial Automation and Welding and Fabrication certified by SwissMEM, Switzerland is being offered.

    Why GEEP?

    • GEEP bridges the training gap between curriculum and latest industry trends.
    • Training backed by industry experts
    • Syllabus in-line with the current trend and industry requirements
    • Employment oriented
    • Trained Team of certified and qualified faculty with years of experience
    • Trusted name among academicians and in the industry
    • On the Job training(OJT) makes them industry ready from day one of course completion
    • Certificate course has 75% Practical’s and 25% theory

    What the Student Gains?

    Apart from the main course, students can undergo additional training on topics relevant to their core domain at no additional cost:


    Mechanical students undergo a Certificate course in Welding and Fabrication which is aimed at training Mechanical Engineering students in various fabrication methodologies used in industry applying welding techniques and sheet metal technology. The student will undergo rigorous training in welding processes, their dos and don’ts, setup of workplace for safe welding and fabrication processes, measurement and assessment methodologies of welding. Advanced Practical training is imparted on world class equipment from Fronius with visits to their fully equipped training centre.

    ECE & CSC

    ECE and CSC branches undergo a Certificate course in Industrial Automation-Mechatronics, certified by SWISSMEM of Switzerland, which deals with Technical drawing study and generation, Workshop calculations, Material science, Bench work, Welding and assembly, Conventional Turning & Milling, Manufacturing methodologies, Mechatronics basics, PLC & Automation, Panel Wiring. The course is designed with 75% practical’s which are conducted at excellent labs like those of FESTO and FRONIUSwhich replicatethe latest industrial environment and technology, and 25% of theory which is seamlessly integrated into the curriculum.


    IT students get trained in latest trending software in industry such as:

    • C, C++ programming
    • Python advanced concepts of machine learning and neural networks
    • Database related software like MYSQL, MSSQL etc.,
    • Web based technologies like PHP
    • Networking certification from CISCO – CCNA module 1 and module 2
    • Internet of things

    All these topics are assessed and certified by SWISSMEM of Switzerland.


    Bio-Medical students would be given trainingin three fundamental areas - Bio mechanics, Bio medical instrumentation and image processing, Bio materials and tissue re-engineering.

    Bio Mechanics

    Training imparted in dynamics, statics, Stress analysis and Fluid mechanics and transport.

    Bio Medical Instrumentation and Image Processing

    Training is imparted in Device Applications, Device Servicing and Device Validation in Vital Signs, Respiratory Devices, Cardiac Assisting Devices. Knowledge on various biomedical,therapeutic equipment’s is given.

    Bio Materials and Tissue Re-Engineering

    Training is imparted in fundamentals of material science with principles of cell biology, chemistry and physiology to aid in the design and development of materials used in production of medical devices.

    The training is given in the form of field visits, lectures, internships, research projects, lab visits etc., from internal and external agencies.All courses comprise of training modules in work-skills, professional skills, safety and environmental aspects required in most production/manufacturing organisations. Additionally, the students will be given an opportunity to work in a production environment to get accustomed to working in an industry under On-Job-Training program.

    The content conforms to the worldwide acclaimed SwissMEM curriculum for vocational training and Swiss quality standards. The courses comprise significant amount of hands-practical exercises and a stint in the industrial production environment. The theory sessions are designed to augment the specific knowledge required for effectively applying in the practical sessions. Thus, completing a well-rounded holistic finishing-school for engineering incumbents.

  • Career Development CellOpen

    Career growth and well-being of Alpha students is the prime concern of the Group. In order to enhance their career growth and Job opportunities Alpha group trains the students with additional skills needed for effective sustenance in Industry and their job.

    Career Development chart in the Entrepreneurship Development Cell

    In addition to the training in GEEP as part of career development initiative students undergo

    • Aptitude Enhancement Training
    • Quantitative Aptitude Training
    • Mathematics Fundamentals Training
    • Computer Application Skills
    • Programming Skills
    • Data Management Skills
    • Interview Skills
    • Grooming and Presentational Skills

    Alpha College of Engineering in collaboration with ICT Academy conducts Faculty Development Programs, Workshops, and Guest Lectures for Students. Youth Circle a program which is organized in collaboration with ICT Academy educates numerous students on career-based communication skills and offer them, a platform to practice speaking. The mission is to help people to improve the skills of speaking, listening and thinking, through a relaxed, friendly and supportive environment. Every member has the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills.

    Alpha in association with Cambridge University conducts BEC for students to enhance their English communication skills. For more details click on (link to BEC). Alpha in collaboration with PALS also creates a platform for students to participate in guest lectures by eminent speakers from industry. Participate in tech competitions organised by them.

    We encourage our students to take part in all the extracurricular activities and facilitate them with relevant events and opportunities time to time.

  • Entrepreneurship Development CellOpen

    The objective of E-Cell is to throw light on the opportunities of entrepreneurship and to nurture the passion for creativity and innovation among the students. Various activities are organised by E-Cell, to encourage the students to identify the entrepreneurial skills and pave way for developing them. E-Cell provides a platform for students to convert their ideas into implementable business plans. Various other activities like E-Talks by eminent speakers and seminars & conferences, enhance the overall development of students and help them become hardcore entrepreneurs.

    Alpha students participating in the Entrepreneurship Development Cell

  • Soft skillsOpen

    The Soft Skills Program focuses on English Language training. Participants are taught - vocabulary, how to comprehend sentences spoken or written in English and also simple English conversation. This apart students are also trained on how to - groom themselves for the interview, face interviews confidently and build a rapport with the interviewer and answer questions.

  • Business English Certificate (BEC)Open

    Business English Certificate (BEC Preliminary) is offered free of cost at the Alpha Engineering College to students of all streams as part of their curriculum. The training is integrated into the curriculum. A student at the end of the semester takes up the certified examination conducted by Cambridge English Assessment which is part of The University of Cambridge, UK.

    The course is designed such that it develops the English language skills to communicate confidently in an international workplace, the business qualifications prove to employers that students completing the course have the English language skills to succeed.

    The Course materials are based on authentic Situations and real-life business scenarios, which enhance the student’s ability to express his opinion, present his ideas and negotiate in an international workplace.

    This Certificate which is a mark of excellence is accepted and trusted by thousands of leading employers and organisations worldwide.

    This Certification has three levels

    • BEC Preliminary (B1)
    • BEC Vantage (B2)
    • BEC Higher (C1)

    These levels are aligned to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).They correspond to IELTS levels of 4.0-8.0 rating. So, the student can appear for IELTS with little or no effort at all, allowing them to foray into studies or jobs abroad.

    BEC Preliminary B1 trains a student on

    Reading and Writing: to read and write the main points from graphs or charts, messages, letters and emails, and to use vocabulary and structure correctly.

    Listening: to understand a range of spoken materials including interviews and discussions about everyday life.

    Speaking: whichis done face-to-face with one or two other candidates enhancesthespoken English skill as they take part in conversation, asking and answering questions, and talking freely about their opinions on business related topics. This makes the training more realistic and more reliable.

    After completing this level, it shows that a student can:

    • talk about business subjects
    • understand charts and graphs
    • write a short business email
    • follow short telephone conversations

    BEC vantage (B2) trains a student on

    Reading: to deal confidently with different types of text, such as business publications and correspondence.

    Writing: to producedifferent pieces of writing, such as letters, reports, proposals and emails.

    Listening: to follow and understand a range of spoken materials, such as interviews, discussions and presentations.

    Speaking: to communicate effectively in face-to-face situations with one or two other candidates on real-time business scenarios.

    After completion of B2 Business Vantage certificate it shows that a student can:

    • write short business messages and reports
    • read articles from business publications
    • listen to, understand and give your opinions in meetings

    BEC Higher (C1) trains a student on

    Reading, Writing, Listening and speaking at a higher level to handle a variety of business, social and managerial situations internationally in day to day activities effectively.

    After completion of C1 Business Higher certificate a student can:

    • communicate effectively at managerial and professional level
    • participate with confidence in workplace meetings and presentations
    • express himself with a high level of fluency
    • react appropriately in different cultural and social situations

    Cambridge English Scale

    Cambridge English Qualifications provide reliable assessment at the CEFR levels above and below the target level. These exams are also reported on the Cambridge English Scale, which provides more detailed information on achievement.